My Last Post

This has been a while coming. While I started out eager enough to share my frustrations on raising a toddler, the longer I blog, the more I see value in keeping some experiences and emotions to myself.

A good friend from college died unexpectedly. My first instinct was to pour out my emotions here, in my digital journal. But my second reaction was to question why. What good would come of outpouring my grief in my blog, for any casual passerby to discover? I’d keep this one to myself.

Despite having adapted quite nicely to being a digital native, the more I settle into my virtual surroundings, the more I find myself filtering my thoughts. There are people I would hurt if I gave a play by play of every incident. There are stones better left unturned.

Also, given the fact that I live on Facebook and Twitter for work, maybe I should go offline in my personal life, I reasoned. My hand cramped from actually writing in my long-forgotten paper journal. It’s a muscle that will have to relearn the memory and joy it once had in scripting out my thoughts and dreams.

And so, dear friends, few though you be (and I suspect the majority of you are relatives or friends of my devoted mother), I declare this to be my last post. It has been a good run; I started this blog to unleash my emotions about how I felt anything but ideal as a mother. I was on a mission to find other women who felt the same. I did. I’ve met amazing women who also blog about parenting at conferences. I’ve also shared my travel adventures, which is a topic I love writing about. I’ve enjoyed writing for writing’s sake, which helps me balance writing for work.

But it’s time to move on, if you actually were transfixed by my life’s story, find me on Facebook. Maybe I’ll share there more now.

Thanks for listening to me, and occasionally leaving a reassuring comment. It’s time to move forward.

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Apparently We Live in San Diego’s Halloween Capital

When we headed out on Halloween, I began to feel like I was at a block party. Cars lined the streets, and people were actually¬†lining up at houses to get candy. As we shoved our way down the street, we saw a beacon in the night: a house at the end of the block had not only candy for trick-or-treaters, but also a small haunted house (complete with dangling octopii to greet them when they came through) and free games run by pirates and ghouls. I’m sure my jaw dropped. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Once we stopped gawking, we scurried back to our quieter end of the neighborhood. Too bad: apparently we missed out on a Wizard of Oz house in the ‘hood too.

Turns out: it’s not just my neighbors trick-or-treating. My new ‘hood is one of the premium spots for candy hunting, and anyone with Google knows it:

It’s on Forbes for Pete’s sake! Rumor has it kids are trucked in from Tijuana just to get candy in our neighborhood. Funny, since Mexico doesn’t even celebrate Halloween. But free candy is free candy. Just not sure how they get a 1-night candy visa…

Next year we’ll start earlier and make a map!

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Settling In

It’s two weeks since we moved and it’s starting to look like a house. There are still the stray boxes and stacks of picture frames lying in corners, but in general, the house is functional.


(view from my office)

It’s amazing to feel how much better this place feels than our last. It’s filled with sun and energy. My office, tucked in the corner of the living room, overlooks our giant tree in the garden (as well as our niece’s garage apartment. How conveeeenient).

We can walk to restaurants, a grocery store and the library, just like we wanted. It is completely idyllic.

Add to that the fact that our 5 4-week old kittens are beginning to romp, our birthdays are this week, and Halloween is lurking around the is sweet.

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